Philippe Dauman Jr.

Philippe Dauman Jr. taught himself BASIC on an Apple IIGS when he was six, and has been in love with technology ever since.

DSC_3649He is co-founder and COO of TRAY, the easiest-to-use, full-featured mobile POS system.

Previously, he was Director, Commerce at Twitter, where he built Twitter’s Commerce team, which launched several groundbreaking distributed-commerce products including Buy Now, Twitter Offers, and Product Pages.

Earlier, as Head of Merchant Partnerships for Google Wallet Instant Buy, Philippe built the team responsible for enabling the nation’s leading retailers with Instant Buy‘s two-click checkout solution. After joining Google’s newly-formed Commerce Business Unit in 2010, Philippe helped launch and build Google’s commerce & payments business across online, offline and mobile channels with products such as Google Wallet and Google Offers.

Before diving into the world of commerce, Philippe led Google partnership programs for a diverse array of technologies, including live road traffic sensing, geospatial data acquisition/correction, imagery collection/processing, and Web Search. Despite his commerce focus, Philippe continues to maintain a diverse interest in new  technologies through his work with startups. Currently, he is fascinated by the trend towards personal task automation as well as human/machine hybrid (“mechanical turk” style) approaches to problem solving.